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The 1 Launches ‘The 1 for Business’ Targeting Business Customers 3 Solutions Furnish Customer Insight and Customer Engagement Tools

24 February 2022
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The 1, Thailand’s no. 1 digital lifestyle and loyalty platform under Central Group, is building on experience gained from 15 years of success as the core Loyalty Platform for Central Group and over 2,000 partner brands to launch “The 1 for Business”. A business aid to boost digital marketing capabilities under the concept, ‘Customer First, Data First’ with three Ready-to-Scale solutions for different kind of businesses. Partners in every sector are welcome to consult on strategy and marketing to build sustainable growth from the young talented professionals.

Kawin Tangudtaisak, Managing Director – The 1, noted, “2021 was another year of massive growth for The 1, generating growth of revenue and The 1 app user of 30% despite impact from COVID-19. This success was achieved by transformation, revamping way of working and recruiting new generation of talents developing the best experience possible on The 1 App. Right now, we have over 19 million members who earn over 14 billion The 1 Points every year.”

“Our key goal for The 1 in 2022 is to improve customers’ experiences through The 1 App under our concept of ‘Your Everyday Lifestyle Platform.’ Which will be focusing on continuous improvement of inspiring content in The 1 Today and extensive rewards from partners, as well as MarTech capabilities to delivering real time, right moment personalized experience. One of the highlights of this year is our development of ‘The 1 for Business.’ We bring over 15 years of experience to the table to help enhance the business capabilities of our partners in the ecosystem, adding sustainable growth for The 1,” added Kawin.

Kritsana Ngarmsom, Head of Business – The 1 said that The 1 for Business is the latest solution for businesses in the digital era and data-driven marketing under the concept Customer First, Data First. It gives fundamental priority to customer insight and is a business enabler taking businesses to another level and providing the best experience to consumers. We are the first service provider in Thailand giving opportunities to businesses and shops to connect with The 1’s powerful loyalty ecosystem through The 1 BIZ – Connect to generate immediate Ready-to-Scale growth, with no need to invest in developing a platform for themselves. It can be adapted to any particular business, which has the outstanding feature of exploiting The 1’s strong loyalty points program, with its massive user base of over 19 million members. It also has an edge in data, providing 360° insight on members, from analysis of transaction data on over 10 million product SKUs, to consumers’ preferences gleaned from The 1 App usage data. This brings participating businesses up to speed with the capability to achieve their business goals as follows:

  • by collecting their own data on customer spending behavior through membership systems and loyalty programs and enriching their own 1st Party Data to valuable insights.
  • by using data analytics, to see and predict consumer trends, and to develop products and services which better meet customers’ needs.
  • through loyalty points programs and personalized marketing communications with relevant content and advanced MarTech.
  • by creating co-campaigns and sales promotion programs through The 1’s multi-channels with precise audience targeting capabilities.

The 1 for Business comprises 3 business solutions which can be customized to serve different purposes of business and marketing concerns and different types of business operations such as retail, fashion and beauty, food and beverages, tourism, transportation and automotive, financial institutions, media and entertainment, real estate, hospitals and airlines, etc. The 1 for Business solutions can be applied for either businesses those already started their own loyalty programs or those who have not. The 1 for Business team are ready to consult on both strategy and implementation of all three key solutions with tools and software accessible conveniently both front end and back end, as follows:

    1. is a solution allowing business partner to connect and self-onboard to a powerful The 1’s loyalty and rewards platform with The 1 BIZ – App and The 1 BIZ – Manager which is ready for immediate use. Businesses can access a quality customer insight and able to convert intermittent customers to regular customers while collecting their purchase data efficiently.
    1. is a solution providing a package of The 1 Points to be used as marketing promotions, to stimulating sales with points, or converting points into privileges, as one wishes.
    • is a solution assisting business partners to enrich and broaden their 360° customer profiles covering lifestyles, preferences, and discover customers’ unmet needs.
    • is a solution providing summary of the target groups of customers, visualized in a user-friendly graphical format.
  • Solutions
    • is a custom audience solution screening target segments from The 1’s 19 million-rich database, allowing business partners to discover new customers that meet campaign objectives from wide-ranging attribution of purchasing behavior, preferences and interests. Reaching to the right target segments efficiently through diverse media channels including SMS, Email, The 1 App and other social media.

The challenge for businesses nowadays is adapting to digital disruption and the changes of customer behavior and media landscape. These may throw up limitations of traditional marketing strategies, while the top priority for every business remains the same which is delivering the best possible experience to customers. Finding the new methods, technology, and tools, as well as partnerships with experts are alternative ways for businesses those want to move to the next level. Each of the three solutions from The 1 for Business can help business partners rise to the challenge with more precise and insightful customer data. Lead to sharpen marketing strategies with better outcomes in improving customer experiences, retaining existing customers and discovering new customers with greater efficiency,” concluded Kritsana.

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